Buying and selling houses is a day-to-day operation in the real estate industry. However, many people are often more attentive to selling homes, and buying a house is equally exhausting. You’ll go from looking for listings to finding reliable financiers, which can prove challenging. Like real estate agents and property managers for home sellers, there are individuals you can hire to help you buy your dream home.

What is a Buyer's Advocate?

A buyer’s advocate is a real estate professional who helps individuals find their dream homes. These experts are tasked with finding an ideal home for their clients and getting it for them at the best rates. A real estate buyer advocate usually sits down with a client to understand what they want and search for the property that perfectly suits the description of their client.

So, what are some of the tasks a home buyer’s advocate does?

What Does a Buyer's Advocate Do?

Buyer’s advocates bring a lot to the table, but they offer two primary services:

  • The Entire Package – For this package, you’ll enjoy all the services and get the best out of your buyer’s advocate. This includes looking for properties that match your specifics and negotiating for the best purchase price.

  • Negotiations – For this package, you go house hunting to identify potential homes you like. You then hire the home buyer’s advocate to negotiate for the best price on your behalf.

Ideally, it’ll be much cheaper to hire a buyer’s advocate for your negotiations compared to one who will offer everything. However, if you don’t have the time to search for a house and go for a viewing, the latter should be your best option.

Benefits of a Buyer's Advocate

Buyer’s advocates are a wise choice for aspiring homeowners. There are multiple benefits you’d enjoy from hiring a buyer’s advocate, including:

  1. Determine Your Wishlist – A home buyer’s advocate will listen to all your needs and preferences and determine what will work best for you. They will then form a wishlist of the things that they will use to guide them while sourcing for potential listings.

  2. Knowledgeable of the Local Area – A buyer’s advocate knows your local real estate market. This includes where the amenities are, what kind of houses sell fast, the lifestyle of the people living around, and the architectural history of the estates around. This helps them determine which location best suits you for your home to be.

  3. Saves You Time – A real estate buyer’s advocate will save you the time you’d typically use to find a house. This includes endless hours on the internet to look for potential listings, contact the agents, and schedule viewing sessions.

  4. Negotiates for You – Price negotiations at auctions are tedious, especially for first-timers. This can weigh them down and discourage them from further bidding or winning the auction. An expert will help you get the house at the best rates within your budget. If you decide to attend the auction, you might learn from them how the bidding is done.

  5. Objective – A buyer’s advocate has zero emotional attachments to properties since they are not the ones buying the houses. This puts them in a perfect position as they can be objective about house hunting, ensuring you only get the best options. They will bring you back to your senses when you love entirely a home that will have you compromising on a lot at the end of the day.

  6. Has the Network – Most buyer’s advocates are former real estate agents. This puts them in the position to find the best house for your needs. Furthermore, they are well-connected to their former colleagues and real estate investors, who could be resourceful in the house hunting quest.

  7. Understands Property – As active real estate players are looking for their client’s preferences, these buyers’ advocates understand property. This helps them know what will work for you depending on your explained taste in houses.

  8. Works with Trusted Experts – Reliable buyers’ advocates work with trusted professionals to help you with the purchase procedure. This includes experts such as property lawyers and building & pest inspectors who will be crucial in the process.

  9. Keeps Your Transaction Moving – A home buyer’s advocate will make all the phone calls and send all the emails to know what is happening and where.

Do You Need a Buyer's Advocate?

While hiring a real estate buyer advocate might seem unnecessary for some aspiring homeowners, here is why you need one for your home-buying quest:

  • Save Time – A buyer’s advocate will save you the time you’d spend looking for a home, negotiate for an excellent price, and finish the purchase process.
  • Save Money – A real estate buyer’s advocate will save you money as they are excellent negotiators who will cut the price by a significant percentage.
  • Emotional Detachment – Aspiring homeowners see some houses and get emotionally attached to them due to particular features or the location. Buyers’ advocates are ideal as they hold no emotional attachments to the home.
  • Bidding at Auctions – Auctioning can be a tedious task for first-timers or individuals who aren’t well-vast with negotiations. This is why hiring a buyer’s advocate is ideal for you.
  • Accessibility – An established real estate buyer’s advocate will have access to off-market properties due to their network, which might be just what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, simple tasks like buying a house are underestimated in how challenging they can be. Finding an ideal home and completing the purchase paperwork can take a while if you’re not equipped with the necessary skills. Additionally, you might be unlucky and land a house that doesn’t suit all your needs or end up overpaying. A buyer’s advocate will handle things for you and help you land the best house for your preferences.

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