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If you want to buy real estate in far north Queensland (FNQ) and need some independent advice, you’ve come to the right place!

At FNQ Buyers Agent, we are a team of dedicated buyers advocates with a great reputation and buyer services, ready to help you find your next investment property or dream home!


Buyers advocates are licensed professionals in the real estate industry. They have the specific ability to find real estate buyers the right property and navigate the minefield that is the purchase process on your behalf. Unlike real estate agents, who represent the current owner of the property, when you hire a buyers advocate they will have your best interest (and hip pocket) at heart. By hiring FNQ Buyers Agent in far north Queensland, in you can rest assured that you will be getting independent advice that is right for you. From start to finish, our team will give you professional advice (including some inside knowledge) to make sure you get the best price on your beautiful new family home.
As your buyers advocate, we will work for your best interests the entire buying process.

Why you need a buyer's advocate to advocate for YOU!

A buyers advocate at work in Cairns

Less Stress

As I am sure you are aware, when it comes to spending large sums of money, stress levels go through the roof. It isn’t always easy to deal directly with real estate agents who are working for the seller and their best interests. Research indicates that sales agents are among the most poorly trusted professionals. Just thinking about having to haggle with an estate agent over the property purchase price is enough to break out into a cold sweat for some people. By hiring a professional with a good reputation to advocate on your behalf during this process, you can relax and enjoy the ride, knowing that an expert is taking care of everything for you.

No Emotional Manipulation

Keeping a level head while buying real estate, especially if it is your dream home is more or less impossible and real estate agents know it! The last thing you need is a pushy sales agent making you pay more than market value because you get your heart set on somewhere! Buyers agents luckily, are not susceptible to this particular ploy. They have had years of experience and know exactly how to deal with real estate agents and keep a level head (of course it helps that its not their home or investment property). That is why you should let the buyers advocates at FNQ buyers agent deal with them for you! We can guarantee that we will maintain emotional detachment, ensuring you pay the right price and not a penny more.
Our full service options provide professional help, to make this process stress free for home buyers!

Access To Off Market Properties

When it comes to buying property, the most buyers only ever see a small portion of what is actually available for sale. If you want to have access to more properties in the real estate market and increase your chances of finding the perfect home, you need to be able to access off-market listings.

These are properties (off-market) that are not advertised anywhere ( for example silent listings or through a private sale) and can only be found by networking with people in the industry. At FNQ Buyers Agent, we have the right connections to complete a full search and help you find that hidden gem that meets all your requirements.

Having access to off-market opportunities as a buyer via buyer’s advocates can help avoid an auction environment and negotiate a better deal.

Saves You Time!

The entire process of buying a property can be both time-consuming and exhausting. A buyers advocate will guide you through the complete property purchase process, which will help you to save time.

When you hire a buyers advocate from FNQ Buyers Agent, we will do all the legwork on your behalf. We will search for properties that match your criteria, inspect them on your behalf, and provide you with a comprehensive report. We will also negotiate with the estate agent to get you the best possible price.

In addition to this, as we are experienced in the industry, we know how to spot any potential problems that could end up costing you time and money further down the line.

Saves You Money!

A buyers advocate can save you a great deal. In addition to purchasing homes every day, they gain an understanding in negotiation. A buyer advocate can help you avoid impulsive purchases in a city with beautiful surroundings and little promise. On top of this, they are expert negotiators and know exactly what to look for. Negotiations are art. Particularly with real estate agents.

FNQ Buyers Agents know the Cairns, Townsville & Port Douglas property market intimately. Based on the local property’s market value we will make sure you get the right price.

Get Exactly What You Want

Finding the right property/specific property can be difficult and extremely time consuming! Sifting through the chaff to find the wheat can be a slow process. A buyers advocate knows exactly what to look for, meaning that they can get the job done faster!

When you hire FNQ Buyer’s Agent, we will work with you to find out exactly what you are looking for in your next Cairns, Townsville or Port Douglas property; and then use our expertise and experience to find the perfect match.

If you are thinking about buying property in FNQ, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you! Our buyer's advocates are experts at due diligence, representing our clients at the auction and finding you the most suitable property.

a couple moving in to their new home sourced by FNQ Buyers agent, the best Cairns Buyers Advocate

Move In Sooner

Most people have to reserve looking for their next purchase for after hours and on weekends. Asides from being able to focus solely on finding you the right place, your prospective agent can also move through the buying process swiftly. As it is such a fast-paced market, you need to be able to act quickly when you find the right property. With an experienced buyers advocate on your side, you will have someone who can move swiftly to put in an offer on your behalf.

By hiring FNQ Buyer’s Agent in Cairns, Townsville or Port Douglas, we will be there to move the process along, from finding the right property through to negotiating the purchase price and dealing with the legalities.

No Pressure on Auction Day

One of the biggest benefits of having a buyer’s agent is that you will have someone to support you on auction day. It can be an extremely daunting experience, especially if you have not been to an auction before. With us by your side, you can be sure that you will have the best chance of winning the auction and paying the right price for the property.
Auction day is not the time to take risks; you need someone who is calm, cool and collected.
The FNQ Buyer's Agent Difference

We don't charge an engagement fee or flat fee to discuss our services, we can help with our full service or a number of other service options. From helping to purchase an entire portfolio of properties to a single property purchase, people engage us at FNQ buyer's agents for trusted professional help no matter the size of the brief.

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